Email Statistics

In the guest management under Email you can view the process bars and download the logs for each email up to 3 months after the event in the "Log" step. Here for more details about this logs:

  1. Log: In the tab Log you can monitor the shipments.
  2. Category: Here you can select the different categories and their logs.
  3. Date: The date and time from the delivery.
  4. Dispatch: The percentage of messages that have already been dispatched.
  5. Download: Here you can download detailed statistics in Excel format. You can find out more about the detailed statistics below.
  6. White bar: The white bar indicates that a message has not been sent. Something might have gone wrong here. 

Excel statistics from evenito 

Once you have downloaded the statistics (see nr 5. above) you can open them in Excel and find the following information about the delivery:

Column A: Date and time when the email was sent.

Column B: The last modification/information from the server

Column C: The email address of the recipient of the message.

Column D: The email address of the sender of the message.

Column E: The subject of the email.

Column F: The sending status of the email. 

Column G: This column indicates whether and how many times an email has been opened. However, it is not possible to see how long the email was open.

Column H: Here you can see how many times a link was clicked inside the email. However, it is not displayed on which link.


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