Send email with filters of the participant list

The list of participants can be filtered as desired before sending. This is useful if, for example, you only want to send an e-mail to participants who have neither confirmed nor unsubscribed. Here are the details:

 1. Category: Selection of persons by category

2. Aviator: Indicates those persons who have already received the mail

3. Thumbs up: Indicates those persons who have registered for the event (see below, Force send)

4. Question mark: Indicates those persons who have not yet signed up or signed off for the event

5. Ladies down: Indicates those persons who have unsubscribed for the event

6. Check mark: Indicates those persons who have been checked in at the event

7. Search field: Here you can search for keywords (e.g. name, email). Please note that you can also enter a value here (e.g. first name or surname).

8. Activate companions: Here you can activate companions for the communication --> INFO: The companions are not included in the communication by default. If a mail should nevertheless be sent to them, they can be activated manually here. 

9. Reset selection

6. Force send ():

If a person has already received a mail, a flyer icon will be displayed in his line, and this person will not be selected for resending by default. Evenito has an integrated backup, which by default only allows a one-time sending to a guest. If you still want to send an email to a person twice (e.g. test emails), the checkbox "Force to send" (at the bottom) must be activated before you can select this person again. 

Example: Sending emails to all persons who have registered for an event:

1. Filter list: select checkbox "thumbs up" (= shows all persons who have registered)

2. "Selection": "Activate displayed participants to select them for dispatch"

3. Scroll down and send email

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