Email Text & Design

The email editor of evenito allows you to design your email according to your wishes. 

1. The Email Editor offers you three levels of design: Content, Rows and Settings.

2. Structure of the email.

3. Content within the structure.

4. Click on the content of the email (black window pops up) to edit it.

5. Click on "More" to get the placeholders. 

6. This button allows you to move the content/structure (up or down).

7. Function to delete or duplicate the content.

8. Allows you to repeat/undo the formatting.

9. Preview the email.

10. Here you can add attachments like PDF, PowerPoint or calendar entries to the mail.

11. With the test mail you can send an email without activating the event and the email. Add yourself as a participant and choose you in the pop-up window. 


Set the width of the content, the background color and a default font and color:


You can structure your email via Drag & Drop. The editor offers several predefined structures. Select them with one click and drag them to the desired location in the email. 


Once you have set the structure, add the desired content to it. The mail editor offers the following content types: text, image, button, divider, social, HMTL. The desired content type can simply be dragged & dropped to the desired location in the mail. 


Once the types of content have been set, they can be filled with content (e.g. upload image, insert text, set colors and fonts, etc.).

To edit the content, simply click on it and make the desired formatting adjustments in the content field itself.

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