Emails - Overview

In Emails you can set up your event-specific communication:

1. Emails overview

Evenito offers you a selection of predefined emails. You can move the order of the emails by a longer mouse click. We recommend that you arrange the emails in chronological order.

2. Delete an email by clicking on the red cross. 

3. Click on "Add more email" to add the emails you need for your event. Select the corresponding email from the pop-up dropdown menu. The email will then appear as a new tab.

4. Mails per category

  • If you have defined different guest categories, you can set up different emails per email type (invitation, reminder, etc.).
  • Click on the plus button and select the categories for which you want to set up the corresponding email. The selected category appears in dark blue, the others in grey. 
  • If you have defined several guest categories, but only one mail, this mail will be used for the other categories.

5. Import template from another mail

With a click on "Import from another mailing" the design and content from another mailing can be imported. To do so select the desired event, email type, guest category and language.

6. Activate email

As soon as you have set up the email, you can activate it. 

If the mail is activated, the dot is green.

If the event is activated as well, you can send the email to your guests. 

Sender Data & Email Subject

7. Sender name

8. Sender email

Please note: in order for the mails to be sent, the email address must be verified by evenito in advance.

9. Subject

10. Evenito's email service consists of three areas

  • Edit Email: In this tab the email design is defined and the content is inserted.
  • Sending: As soon as an email is set up, it can be sent from there.
  • Log: The statistics shows you status information about the mailing after sending. 

11. Language

  • If your event is multilingual, you have the possibility to set up your emails in that languages as well. 
  • Change to the desired language in the dropdown and create the mail. 
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