New: Avatar import and upload


The avatar is an image cutout (of a person), which is displayed in the guest list and on the checkin app. Until now, the avatar could only be set (per event) by uploading the image and then tagging the corresponding guest.

The Import Avatar function allows you to import your guest's avatar from another event. 

  • This means: If your guest has already been assigned an avatar at a previous event, it can be imported into the new event during matching (and is displayed on the guest list). 
  • The matching is done via the email address, which means your guest necessarily has to have the same email address in the previous and new event.

Upload Avatar

In addition to importing the avatar from a previous event, you can also easily upload it to the corresponding participant.

1. Look for the guest (under participants) and open his personal window (green editing button).

2. Under "Personal details" you can upload the corresponding photo/portrait of the guest under "Avatar" (3).


Where is the avatar displayed?

1. Guest list/participant list

Under Pages, add the "Participants list" as a subpage. Then switch to the frontend view:


For guests where an avatar has been uploaded/imported, it will now be shown in the guest list. 

2. Checkin App

In the checkin app, the avatar is displayed next to the guest name and can therefore serve as a face check. 

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