Export Guestlist

The button 1. "Export" allows you to download different participant lists.

The system allows you to download the following participant lists:

2. Guestlist with all partcipant Information

This list displays all participant information that has been entered (addresses, notes, etc.), accompanying and contingent information, as well as registration and check-in status. What is not displayed here are the answers from the participant mask (see d.).

3. Guestlist for printed invitations 

This export is suitable for the personalized sending of invitations and contains the personal data of a guest as well as the private and company addresses. In addition, the participant code as well as the QR code number and the category are displayed.

4. Guestlist for entrance team

This is a short list that can be used for check-in. Personal data, email address, company, function, registration status and the participant code are displayed. It also shows whether the guest is taking an accompanying person or was invited by another participant.

5. Guestlist with all registration information

If you have defined questions for your guests in the registration form, you can export the answers using this export option. The registration status is also specified here. Please note that one sheet per guest category will be created.

6. QR-Codes with participant code

Excel list with the personal participant code, including QR codes. These QR codes will be recognized by the check-in app and can be used for the entry management.

7. QR-Code with link to personal registration page

Excel list with the personal link to the personalized registration mask, including QR codes. With this QR code, the participant also accesses his personalized registration mask. However, the QR code is currently not recognized by the check-in app and should therefore not be used for check-in management.

8. Ticket-Export

All tickets can be downloaded in PDF format via this export.

Participant status in the Excel export

When exporting participants to Excel, there are the following registration states: 

Confirmed: The participant is registered.

Rejected: The participant declined the registration

Idle: The participant has neither registered nor declined to register.

Sent: The invitation mail was sent to the participant.

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