Registration Info

In the Participant Management under 1. "Registration Info" you get an overview of the accompanying persons as well as the questions/answers of your guests.

2. Click on "Filter list" to open the filter bar. You can filter by category, status, name or question/answer with keywords. Find out more about the filter function under: Filter list.

3. Information about the participant category

4. Registration (thumbs up, thumbs down) and check-in status of the guest. 

5. Partner 

  • All accompanying persons of the respective guest are listed under "Partner". 
  • If you would like to assign a partner to a guest manually, you have to switch to "Participants details".

Please note: The accompanying person (if specific) is displayed as a "normal" participant in the participant list like the main person.

6. Answers

  • The answers to the questions entered in the registration form are shown under "Answers". 
  • If there is no answer behind the question (printed in bold), no answer has yet been given. 
    • This is possible, for example, with questions that have been defined as "optional" (see also the article about the registration form). 
    • Another possibility is that a participant was entered manually (in the backend), but the answers were not filled in.

7. Edit answers

  • You can manually modify or follow up the answers afterwards.
  • Click on the edit button and define the answers.


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