Find Duplicates

You can check the data quality of the guest list with the help of the duplicate analysis

1. Evenito shows you possible duplicates and highlights them in colour:

  • green = the data is the same for both duplicates
  • red = the data is only stored with a duplicate
  • orange = the data are different (different)

Please note:  

  • The green as well as the red data are automatically selected by evenito.
  • The orange ones must be set manually. 
  • In the above case, for example, you must define whether the guest is to be employed by evenito in Sales or by evenito AG in Customer Support.

2. The registration status is displayed at the top right of each duplicate.

3. Merge Duplicates

  • By clicking on the button "Merge this Participant", the duplicates get merged. 
  • The selected data (point 1) will be kept. In addition, the status of the person for whom the button is clicked will be kept.
  • If a person is already registered, it is important to click on the "Merge this Participant" button for that duplicate.

4. Delete duplicate: By clicking on the "Delete this Participant" button, the corresponding duplicate will be deleted. 

5. Do not show this Duplicate anymore: If it is not a duplicate, you can activate this checkbox and click on "Next Duplicate". The duplicate will no longer be indicated. 

6. Next duplicate: By clicking on "Next Duplicate" the next duplicate is displayed.

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