Add Participants to List: Add Person Manually/ Edit Person

Manually add person

Select "Add participant" and click on "Add person manually".

In the open window you can store all available information about the guest.

1. Personal details: Fill in all personal information about the guest.

2. For first name, last name and email address you have to fill in at least two of the three fields.

3. In case this guest comes as a partner of another guest, you can select the inviting participant under "Additional details". To be able to select this guest, he must already be registered in the event.

4. Company details: Enter all company information

5. Use Assistant: In the tab "Company details" you can enter the name and email of the assistant and include it in the communication.

When you have entered all the data, you can leave the window with the green "Save" button at the bottom left.

6. Edit participants

  • If you want to edit the data of an existing participant, you can do so by clicking the green button at the end of its column. 
  • Click on it and the window described above will appear.


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