Overview "Participants"

In " Participants " the participant management can be controlled and monitored throughout the entire event. Overview of the most important functions:

1. Add participants to list

Evenito offers you thre possibilities to upload participants to your event. Either via an Excel upload, by manually adding participants or with an Import from the CRM.

2. Delete all participants

With the "Delete all" function you can delete the entire participant list.

3. Participants details

In participant details you will find an overview of all participants of your event and their information. 

4. Filter function

5. Select

6. Registration Info

7. Action: determine which action you want to perform with your activated contacts.

8. Export

Different guest lists can be exported from evenito anytime.

9. Import Avatars

10. Find duplicates

The following symbols are found on the participant page:

Edit Participant Data
Delete participant



  • The final list of participants should not be uploaded to the event until the event website and communication is set up.
  • All data/information about a person should be uploaded to the event at once. A later editing is only possible individually and manually.
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