In the tab Layout you can define different layout settings of the event website.

1. Header Pic Aspect Ratio: settings for cropping the header image, which is used in "Visuals" in the section "Default Header Picture".

2. Favicon

  • That Favicon is the small icon that is displayed in the browser tab
  • File format: .png
  • Size: not relevant - but icon should be rectangular

3. Header Position

  • Define the position of the event name on the web page. The name is displayed in the lower left corner of the header image by default. For a different position, simply select the desired option from the drop-down menu.
  • At the position "below the header" you can also set the distance between the event name and the header image.


New: Header Logo and Content

4. Choose the background colour of the website

5. You have the possibility to define your own wallpaper and its position.

6. Footer

There are two different settings for the footer:

  • Default setting: Company logo and company details are automatically taken over from the stored company data under "General" in the menu "My company".
  • Individual footer: the HTML field can be used for individual footers. As soon as a content has been defined the default footer settings will be overwritten.

Tip: Set full-responsive images

Screenshot_2020-04-08_at_17.17.46.png7. Right click on the image and select "Image settings" or double click on the image.

8. Select 100% for width and 100% for height. 

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