In the menu item "Visuals" you can upload the Event Key Visual, the Default Header Picture and Photo Banners.

For the upload of the visuals applies:

  • File format: .png or .jpeg
  • Image size: Highest possible resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. However, it should be noted that the size of the image is not too high, as this increases the loading time of the images on the mobile phone.

 1. Event Key Visual

This graphic appears in the internal event overview (under "My Events"), on the Check-in & Tagging App and on the preview of the media portals.

  • Ratio: 1:1 
  • Minimum size: width: 300px, height: 200px
  • Square Frontpage Visual: Definition of the square section of the event visual.

2. Default Header Image

The header image appears as the default image on the Event Website for all pages that do not have an individual header image.

  • Ratio: as desired - ideal: 10:2 or 10:4. The aspect ratio can be adjusted under "Design & Settings" in the tab "Layout".
  • Minimum size: width: 1200px, height: freely definable

1. Browse for your desired standard header image and upload it.

2. Click on "Header ratio settings" to go directly to the tab "Layout", where you can adjust the aspect ratio settings.

3. Define the section of the uploaded header image.

4. Set the header image so that it either covers the whole page ("full size") or bundled with the rest of the content ("content size").

5. Delete your Header Image.

3. Banners

The photo banner allows you to place a banner upon your event photos. 

  • You can define where the banner should be displayed (gallery / slideshow / original).
  • The banner must be uploaded as a transparent .png with the optimal resolution of 3696x2456 pixels. 

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