Insertion and scaling of images on the event website

You can upload a picture by selecting "Presentation of the event" in the content window under "Contents & Pages" and in the footer under "Design & Settings". In order for the image to be displayed as desired, you must note the following:

1. Pictures: Click here to upload a picture.

2. Search server (Server durchsuchen): Here you can select or upload a picture.

With every double-click on a picture this window opens again. You can still make the following adjustments here:

3. Size of the picture: 

Full Responsive: If you want your image to be displayed Full Responsive over the whole page, then select 100% for the width (Breite) and delete the number for the height (Höhe). If you want the image to be Full Responsive over half the page, select 50% for the width (Breite), and so on. 

Resize: If you have a small image (e.g. an Instagram logo in Footer), we don't recommend working with %. Otherwise, the picture will be very small on your mobile phone. Here you can work with the absolute size in height (Breite) and width (Höhe).

4. Keep the aspect ratio: Click here if you want to adjust the absolute size of the image but want to keep the aspect ratio. 

5. Frame (Rahmen): Here you can create a black frame for your image. The entered number defines the width of the frame. 

6. Horizontal distance

7. Vertical distance

8. Orientation (Ausrichtigung): Left or right. The alignment can also be adjusted directly in the Contents window. To do this, simply click next to the image and select the alignment at the top. 

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