Sub page "Feedback"

A feedback can be placed on this sub page. As soon as the page is activated, the guests can fill out the form: 

  1. Element type: Selection of the question type.
  2. Required: Whether the answer to the question is required or optional to submit the form.
  3. Question: Add the question.
  4. Answers: Define the possible answers.
  5. Add answer: For additional answer, click "Add Answer".
  6. Answers: Here you can see how many people have chosen this answer option. 
  7. Max Answers: Limitation of the number of answers. If there is only a limited number of answers to choose from, you can store this here.
  8. The activation shows the availability of the answer for the participant on the website. 
  9. Sub question: You can optionally add a follow-up question to each answer. If a guest selects the corresponding answer, the follow-up question is displayed.
  10. Delete: Click on the red "x" to delete an answer.
  11. Delete: Delete the whole question.
  12. Adjust position: You can adjust the position of the question element by drag&drop.
  13. Add question: Click here to define another question.
  14. Export answer data: Here you can download all answers as an Excel sheet.  

Info: The feedback form is not personalized. If you want to know who of your guests filled out the form, you will need to ask for the name/email address and set it to required.

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