Sub page "Speakers"

On this sub page the speakers of the event can be listed.

For each speaker you can upload a picture, a CV and a description (e.g. topic of the presentation). Here is an overview of the functions of the speaker page: 

  1. Move position: Move Instructor with Drag & Drop
  2. Upload image: Upload image of speaker (15mb max.)
  3. CV: Upload CV (optional). 
  4. Crop image: The picture can be cut to a square here (optional).
  5. Description: Here you can enter texts, videos or documents concerning the speaker in the content field.
  6. Add Speaker: With this button a new speaker can be added.
  7. Don't forget to save
  8. Delete speaker: By clicking on the red "-" button, a speaker can be deleted at any time. 

Info: You can delete a speaker's picture or CV by clicking on the small cross next to it.

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