Sub page "Live-Poll"

A live poll with various questions can be set up on this sub page. Guests can answer these questions live at the event - directly on the Event Web-app. Here is an overview of the functions:

  1. Add and define question(s)
  2. Add and define response options (Max. 26 response options / Recommended: 5 response options)
  3. Delete question
  4. Delete answer
  5. Activate question for the Web-app. Note: Only one question can be active at a time.
  6. Add next Poll
  7. Do not forget to save


  • Only closed questions with given answers are possible.
  • Only one question at a time can be displayed on the Event Web-app (not two at a time)
  • The live survey evaluation can be controlled in the menu "Beamer Live Content".
  • If you do a test with the live polls before the event, the answers will be saved. In this case, please delete the questions and add them again so that the evaluation starts at "0".
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