Sub page "Participant-Management"

On the sub page "Participant list" the list of participants of the event can be displayed. 

This page is automatically filled with the stored participant data (First Name, Last Name, Position & Company). If a photo of a guest test was tagged, it shows the photo in the participant list. The photo is also displayed if the participant has logged in via Facebook or LinkedIn. In this case, the profile photo will be taken by the participant.  

The following options are available for displaying the participants:

  1. Show all participants
  2. Show only participants who are registered for this event
  3. Show only participants who have a picture of this event
  4. Show only participants who have a picture of this or an older event
  5. Show only participants who have been checked-in at this event

The privacy protection allows participants to protect themselves by requiring them to first enter their personal code to see the email address and phone number of other participants. If not enabled, participants will only see First Name, Last Name, Position & Company. 

Request Participant Consent: When registering, the participant can be asked whether his or her information can be displayed on the event website in the participant list. Further details can be found in the folder "General - Privacy".


Social Media Linking

Participants can now link their Social Media profiles to their registration.

Therefore, just mark the corresponding fields in the registration form as "optional" or "required":


When participants choose to add their profile links, the icons will be shown on the "Participant-Management" sub page. Thus, participants can connect easily.


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