Sub page "Program"

The event agenda can be created on the "Program" sub page. 

The visitor sees the program of your event in the correct order (first program item at the top, last at the bottom). Here the order is reversed for a faster input (useful if the program contains more than 5-10 points). You can customize the following information here:

  1. Add new Schedule Element
  2. Title & Speaker: Program point with title/topic (e.g. arrival of guests)
  3. Start time: The start time of the program point can be defined here.
  4. End time: Here the end time of the program point can be defined.
  5. Hide times: Here you can set up that different times are not shown
    Hide start time: Therefore activate the first field. A new field opens for the designation. You can rename this yourself. If you don't insert anything, there will be written "until 12:00".
    Hide end time: Activate the second field. Same as with the start time you can also define the designation yourself. If you leave the field empty, there will be written "from 11:00".
    Note: with a space in the designation field you can only display the time.
    Hide start and end time: Activate both fields. Then the program point will no longer be displayed on the Event web page. This can be helpful for the photo gallery, as per program point a separate folder is created in the photo gallery. 
  6. Room: The different rooms must first be added to the event sub page "Location".
  7. Description: Here you can give more details about the program points.  
  8. Direct link to the photo gallery: This is not visible to the guests. This link is only available in the backend.
  9. Delete program
  10. Save program points
  11. For events lasting several days, there is an individual tab for each event day

IMPORTANT: The program defines the structure of the photo gallery: Each program point is a photo folder in the photo gallery. The green button (8.) at the end of the line takes you directly to the corresponding folder.

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