Sub page "Location"

In "Pages" under "Location" you can add and manage the location of the Event:

  1. Enter your location in the search field. The search field is connected to Google Maps. Once the location is selected, the Google Map will be created and the address filled in automatically.
    If the location is not stored on Google Maps, you can search for the address of the location in the search field.
  2. Check the filled in data and adjust it manually if necessary.
  3. A content window is available for additional comments (route description / public transport information / etc.).

If the location has different rooms, these can be entered here:

  1. Add new room
  2. Number rooms
  3. Name of the room: Note that the names of the rooms can be entered in several languages (for multilingual events).
  4. Capacity per room
  5. Delete room via the red cross
  6. Save after you've adjusted everything.

The defined rooms can be assigned to the individual program items on the "Program" page

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