Event website: Content window

The field for the content of all sub pages offers various design options: 


  1. Insert source code: The source code function offers the possibility to program the content field with your content.
  2. Insert text: Here you will find the various insert options, for example to import raw text from a Word document. The best way is to insert the text by clicking on the "T" button.
  3. Back and forth: Here you can undo or restore changes before saving. 
  4. Size of the editing window: You can adjust this here. 
  5. Format text: With these functions the text can be formatted (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough).
  6. Remove Formatting: With this button you can remove formatting from the text. This is especially recommended if a lot of text from different sources has been inserted.
  7. Structure: In this area the text can be grouped into enumerations, lists or citation blocks.
  8. Text alignment: Here you have the option of displaying the text left- or right-aligned and centered.
  9. Hyperlinks: Here you can add or remove links to web pages, you can also link a PDF document (for example the event program) or an image. To link images or other files, simply click on the "Upload" tab in the pop-up window, select a file and send it to the server.
  10. Pictures, tables and integrations: The first symbol can be used to insert images, the second one allows you to create the content using a table. Please keep in mind that tables on mobile devices can look very small or the participant has to wipe back and forth to see the whole content. The third function in this series allows embedding videos via an iFrame code that can be copied from Youtube or Vimeo.
  11. Formatting the text: The format determines the size and font of the text. The formatting is taken from the settings of "Designs & Settings".
  12. Define color: Here you can define the color. If no color is defined, the formatting from the settings of "Designs & Settings" is also applied here.
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