Event website: Add, activate, deactivate, delete & move sub pages

Here you will learn how to add, activate, delete and move the sub pages under "Representation" > "Pages":


 1. Add sub page

With a click on the right green tab "Add Page" you can add new sub pages to the event website.

After selecting the desired page, a window opens in which you can adjust the data, if necessary.

 2. Delete sub page

Individual sub pages can be deleted by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner of the corresponding tab. 

 3. Active/inactive sub page

Each sub page can be activated or deactivated. Sub pages which display a green circle in the lower right corner are active/live and are visible on the event website. Inactive sub pages show a red circle.

To deactivate a sub page, you can click on the corresponding sub page and uncheck "Active".

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to save

NOTE: An activated sub page is only displayed on the event web page (URL) once the entire event has been activated.  In the preview (when clicking on "Preview this page in new Tab") all active and inactive tabs are shown.

4. Move sub page

The order of the sub pages can be changed at any time. Simply click on a tab, stay on it and drag the page to the desired position.

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