Example of a Consent

Case: You would like to get the agreement of all guests that you can send them an email with their picture and that you can use their data for networking. This option should be required. In addition, you want to offer your guests the option to subscribe to your company's newsletter. This option should be optional.


  1. Go to the Privacy tab in the menu item "General".
  2. Click on the box "Activate participant consent" and then on the green button "Add consent". 
  3. In the dropdown menu select "System consent". 
  4. In the consent name you can enter a title for the agreement in this case e.g. "Agreement for Fotomail and Networking".
  5. Under "Required/ Optional" you select "Required". 
  6. In the dropdown menu "Consents Categories" select all the categories you want to use.
  7. Activate the checkboxes on the left for "Networking" and "Photo publication".
  8. Insert the desired text in the text field. In this case for example: "I agree that pictures of me will be taken and published during the event and that they will be sent to me by email. In addition, I allow the use of my data for the networking function. My data can be removed upon my request later."
  9. Save everything with the green button "Save consents".
  10. To get the newsletter consent click again on the green button "Add consent". Please deposit the corresponding consent and set it to optional. An example text here would be: "I would like to receive product updates and news from company XY".

The settings look as follows in the backend:

For the guest it will be displayed on the registration form: 


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