Set up and manage privacy settings

Here you can set up Consents and Cookie Notifications:

Bildschirmfoto_2020-07-27_um_16.57.45.pngIn the menu under "General" > "Privacy" you can set up and manage declarations of consent.

There are the following categories of consent:

1. Disable trackers on website: 
2. Activate Participant Consent: These are for the guests who register for your event.
3. Activate Cookie Notification: These are displayed to all people who visit your event website.
To enable consent, click on the box. Further details will then open: 

  1. Add consent: Select the type of consent you wish to request. You can choose between system consents which are related to the functions of evenito (see point 5. for further details) or custom consents.
  2. Consent name: Define the name of the consent (e.g. newsletter consent).
  3. Select which system consent(s) is (are) requested in your text (which is deposited at point 6):
    1. Newsletter Consent: The participant gives his consent to receive the newsletter or product updates of your company.
    2. Networking Consent: The participant agrees that his data will be used for evenito networking.
    3. Photo publication consent: The guest agrees that his pictures of the event may be published and that he will receive an email with his photos at the event.
      Info: The consents can be collected individually (one question per consent) or all consents in one question.

  4. Required/Optional: Define whether consent is required to participate in the event or not. You can simply select the appropriate option (required or optional) from the drop-down menu. If you select the option "required", a guest can only register if he/she gives his/her consent.
  5. Categories: Select here which categories get to see the consent. If none is selected, all participants will see the consent.
  6. Description of the consent: Here you can enter the text for the corresponding consent. You can either write it yourself or have the text drawn up by your legal department.
    Important: Please note that the content of the text is the same as the selected consents under point 5.
    Info: With the Cookie notification (10.) a standard text is deposited, which appears, if you enter nothing into the field (11.). This reads as follows: "This site uses cookies. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you deactivate cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions. For more information, visit the event organizer's privacy policy." For all others you should leave a text, otherwise the corresponding window on the login screen will remain empty.
  7. Save: Don't forget to save your consent after editing.
  8. Add consent: If you want to add another consent, you can do this by clicking the green button "Add consent".
  9. Delete: A consent can be deleted via the red cross button.

Attention: If a guest has already agreed, it is no longer possible to delete or adapt the agreements!


10. Enable the cookie notification It will be displayed on your event website.
11 Once you have activated the cookies, a text field will open where you can enter your notification. If you leave the text field empty, the following standard text will be displayed:

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