Create Users

Under "User" you can add new persons to your company who can edit your events. Go to "My company" (1.) > "User" (2.). 

Click on "Add new person to this company" (3.) and fill in all details. There are four user rights options to choose from (4.):

  • Administrator: The administrator has full user rights. He may create and edit new events and activate event pages. He can also add new users.
  • Editor: The editor has limited user rights. He can edit events, but is not allowed to activate them live. He can also only edit emails until an administrator has "Activated" them. After the activation he can only send them.
  • Host : A host is a user who does not belong to your company, but to whom you can assign a contingent of tickets, which he then passes on to third parties. Read more about this in the chapter Host Management.
  • NewViewer: The viewer has access to the participant list and can export it. The role has no editing function.

The rights of the editor & host manager can be changed via the dropdown menu in the column "Role". This is not possible for admins.

With the button "Send invitation again", another email can be sent to a new user, if he has not registered yet.

If a user is no longer needed, he can easily be deleted by clicking on the red cross.

In a following article the user roles are described in more detail: User Roles.

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