In this article we show you where you can find help and who you can contact if you have a question about the tool.

Support tool

On our support page you can always ask us for help. Create a login for it. (It is not the same log-in as for the tool).


You can open a support ticket via our tool. The advantages of contacting us via the Support Tool are:

  • Fast feedback, because all of the evenito team have a view on support requests.
  • Urgency can be specified in the support tool
  • All requests (including past tickets) in one overview (per user or per company)

The priorities are considered from a technical point of view according to their importance. If our system has a serious bug or something does not work that is important and urgently needed and there is no workaround, the priority is "Urgent". If you think there is a workaround, but the problem is serious, you can create the ticket with "High".  This is the case, for example, if the event website is offline at a running event, or you don't have access to the tool. All minor bugs or application questions are classified as "Medium" - you can continue working, but it has a very annoying behavior - or "Low" - you can continue working well and there is no urgency. In any case, we always ask you to contact us early enough, because we define priorities from a technical point of view and not from the "timeline" point of view of the customer. 

Knowledge base

In our knowledge base you will find a lot of information about the use of our tool. Helpful articles are available here. By entering keywords in the search field, the corresponding articles will be suggested to you. Here you will find all this information.

Community Forum

To enable interactive communication with you, we have several forums. Simply select "Forums" on our support page. We will keep you informed about all bugs and their workarounds (only for registered users). In addition, all new functionalities are listed and presented under "Release & Tool News". 

Furthermore, the forum offers you the possibility to exchange information with the evenito community. Share your most useful handling tips with other evenito users under "Tips & Tricks". Or tell us under "Feature Ideas" your ideas for new functionalities in our tool (only for registered users). In addition, you have the possibility to link ideas from other users and thus express your agreement. Here you get to the forum.

In the evenito Academy we show learning videos, which explain step by step the use and functions of our tool e.g. "How do I create my first event?". Do you have a wish for another learning video? Then leave a comment directly in the forum where you can find the evenito Academy.


We are also constantly planning new webinars where we can explain different focus topics in more detail or where new users can get an overview. We will inform you in detail in the forum "evenito Academy". You can register for it for free.