If you want to work with another organization for an event, you can add them as partners. For example, if you as an agency want to give your customer access to the event and the customer can edit it. 

a. A new organization should be added as a partner: if you want to add a new organisation, you can create it as follows:

1. Go to "My Organisations"

2. In Add Organisation, you can create a new organisation

The following window opens:

Here you can enter the name of the organisation. We recommend you to name the organization as follows: "Name of the new organisation / Name of the main organisation". As an example, if Evenito Sales wants to edit their event together with the support, the company name is "Evenito Support / Evenito Sales".

As soon as the organisation is created, users have to be added to it. You can find instructions HERE.

b. The existing organisation should be added as a partner: The organisation can be added directly to the event. In the tab General in the marked field the partner can be searched and selected.

Attention: all organisations that work with evenito are listed here. Please only select a partner if you have made sure that the respective users are aware of it.

If you just want to add a viewer you can find the information HERE.