The list of participants can be filtered as desired before sending. This is useful if, for example, you only want to send an e-mail to participants who have neither confirmed nor unsubscribed. Here are the details:

1. Category: Selection of persons by category

2. Aviator: Indicates those persons who have already received the mail

3. Thumbs up: Indicates those persons who have registered for the event (see below, Force send)

4. Question mark: Indicates those persons who have not yet signed up or signed off for the event

5. Ladies down: Indicates those persons who have unsubscribed for the event

6. Check mark: Indicates those persons who have been checked in at the event

7. Search field: Here you can search for keywords (e.g. name, email). Please note that you can also enter a value here (e.g. first name or surname).

8. Activate companions: Here you can activate companions for the communication --> INFO: The companions are not included in the communication by default. If a mail should nevertheless be sent to them, they can be activated manually here. 

9. Reset selection

6. Force send ():

If a person has already received a mail, a flyer icon will be displayed in his line, and this person will not be selected for resending by default. Evenito has an integrated backup, which by default only allows a one-time sending to a guest. If you still want to send an email to a person twice (e.g. test emails), the checkbox "Force to send" (at the bottom) must be activated before you can select this person again.

Example: Sending emails to all persons who have registered for an event:

1. Filter list: select checkbox "thumbs up" (= shows all persons who have registered)

2. "Selection": "Activate displayed participants to select them for dispatch"

3. Scroll down and send email