You can define and set the following for each ticket: 

  1. Active: Click on this button to activate the ticket and make it visible for the guest.
  2. Ticket type name: The name of the ticket can be entered here in several languages. To save the other languages you first have to save everything and then change the language in the dropdown menu at the top right.
  3. Price: The ticket price is stored here. This is the gross price incl. VAT.
  4. Available: The time limit of the ticket is particularly suitable for setting up earlybird offers and then exchanging them for the higher-priced tickets. In addition, it is another option to set the closing date for registration.
  5. Minimum tickets per order
  6. Max. Tickets per order
  7. Max participants: Maximal number of participants for this ticket
  8. Assign ticket holders with this ticket type to a category: If you are setting up an open event for which not all possible participants are known yet, you can specify here which category they should be assigned to after ticket purchase. If no category is defined, the participants without a category will be assigned to the first category (under Guest Management > Categories). 
  9. Visible for the following categories: In an event with invited participants, you can specify here for which categories a ticket should be visible.
  10. Save: Don't forget to save everything.